Know your enemy: Bad air quality

The quality of the air will determine your success with your animals.
Performance, health, growth, wellbeing and profit.

Continuously monitoring the quality of the air, makes it for you possible to ensure optimal conditions for your animals 27/7. The level of toxic gasses emitted from the animals, CO2, CO, CH4 (methane), NH3 (ammonia) and H2S (sulphide), dust (PM2.5), temperature and humidity must be monitored to avoid loss of performance and economic loss. In worst cases such gasses can kill animals and people.

RangeRecommended values
CO – Carbonmonoxid: 10-500 ppmMax 20 ppm
CH4 – Methane: 300-10.000 ppmMax 1.000 ppm
NH3 – Ammonia: 0,1 -1.000 ppmMax 10 ppm
H2S – Hydrogensulphide: 0,01-200 ppmMax 0,5 ppm
CO2 – Carbondioxid: 2-10.000 ppmMax 3000 ppm
Temperature: Minus 20 til plus 60 ° CDependent on species, race, age, etc
Humidity: 5 -95%Relative humidity 50% – 80 %
PM2.5 Dust: > 0,8 mikronMax 40 ugram/m3
Here is the AirQualityWatch monitor box.
Normal values shown
Here a text message on the phone.
Too high CH4 shown.